Positive and Negative Charges

This lesson I made a little more fun for the students to try. For this lesson we talked about what makes a positive, negative or neutral charge. We worked out some definitions  together on the board and those definitions included atom, proton, electron, neutron, positive charge, negative charge, and neutral charge. The students then figured out that a negative charge would have more electrons, a positive charge would have more protons and a neutral charge would have the same amount.

So after the students sat quietly and took some notes about the content they were about to learn, we played a game that would show them how those atoms move around and make charges together. The game that I used can be found here and its really simple and easy to play with your students. I made sure that each student had the chance to play each role, and I had them repeat what they were doing back to me. Then we would stop and I would ask them which atom they created had what kind of charge. For them to tell me they went and counted how many electrons and protons were in each one which told them which charge it then represented. After they completed the game they went back to their desks and completed a worksheet on labeling different charges with the correct charge.

The students loved it because they got to use themselves as the learning tool, and they got to get up out of their desks and move around.


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